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ayurveda therapies

The legacy of the Ayurvedic massage center continues to be relevant even today. At Sukhibhava, we believe Ayurveda was formulated based on the traditions of ancient times, and we need to use it in a way to suit modern times.


In this procedure, medicated oil is squeezed onto the patient’s body. It relieves body pains and muscle spasms and helps in healing fractured bones. It also improves blood circulation, reduces nervous weakness, and helps in Arthritis, Paralysis, and Hemiplegia.


The therapy involves retaining warm medicated oil in the neck region. It is extremely beneficial for cervical spondylitis. It lubricates and treats degeneration of cervical joints and helps in minimizing pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder, while strengthening the neck muscles.


The therapy involves retaining medicated oil in the knee region. It removes stiffness and pain in the knee joints and restores lubrication. Also strengthens and nourishes the knee joints, improves their mobility, and protects them from age-related conditions like Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis.


A classical Ayurvedic therapy involves pouring herbal liquid on the forehead in a continuous stream. It induces sleep, improves memory and concentration, reduces hypertension, helps in alleviating hair problems, chronic headaches, and stress management.


A unique therapy where medicated oil is poured into the nostrils drop by drop. The oil cleanses all the areas above the shoulders including the nose, throat, sinuses, and head. It helps manage conditions such as facial paralysis, migraine, and sinusitis. It prevents hair loss and premature greying.


It involves holding warm Ayurvedic oils over the Kati (back) for a certain period and a medicinal paste is applied in a ring around the afflicted area. Then, warm Ayurvedic oil is poured into its center. The procedure lubricates and strengthens the joints, ligaments, and nerves in the back area. It is very effective in treating chronic back pain, disc problems, lumbar spondylitis, and sciatica.


It is a popular procedure where natural healing Ayurvedic herbs are crushed and bundled into a muslin cloth to form pouches, also called Potlis. These warm potlis are used to massage the body (or specific parts) to create a therapeutic effect. It helps in alleviating pain and stiffness, apart from eliminating wastes and toxins in the body.